Cross-border remittance
With our extensive correspondent bank network, GPBank is able to best meet customers’ demand for remittance to all markets worldwide in multiple currencies without any difficulty for the following purposes:
  • Payment of imports before or after receipt of goods.
  • Overseas transfers for education, medical treatment, business trips, and traveling purposes.
  • Transfer of legitimate profits and incomes earned by foreign investors and individuals as prescribed.
  • Payment of service charges such as freight, fair booth fees, agency commission, etc.
  • Quick, accurate and safe transactions
  • Highly competent personnel, advising you on the most efficient and safest way of payment
  • Full availability of foreign currencies for payment at preferential rates and competitive charges
  • Carrying transaction at any GPBank branch, whether it is the initial account opening place
  • Financial support through GPBank’s loan programs
Procedures and application documents
  • Remittance order (in GPBank form)
  • A set of documents specifying the remittance purpose
Receiving money from overseas
Through our nation-scale growing network of branches/transaction offices, customers can pick up money at any GPBank transaction office/branch.

  • Fast and accurate money receipt, simple procedures right in the same day
  • Money is transferred directly into your account or available at the counter for payment
  • Competitive charges
Procedures and application documents
To receive cash in the quickest manner at the lowest rates, you should instruct the remitter to transfer funds from one of GPBank’s correspondent banks (see the list here) and provide clear, detailed and exact information on the beneficiary:
  • Beneficiary: Customer’s name (account holder)
  • Beneficiary A/c or ID No. : Account/ID No. of the customer at GPBank
  • Beneficiary’s Bank: Global Petro Joint Stock Commercial Bank 
  • Swift Code: GBNKVNVX
  • Intermediate Bank: Based on the currency, you should choose one of GPBank’s correspondent banks in the foregoing list.
  • GPBank Branches/transaction offices
  • Trade Finance Head Office, GPBank
    3rd Floor, 46A Tang Bat Ho - Hai Ba Trung - Ha Noi
Tel: 024 3633 1378 (Ext: 3636, 3631)
Hotline: 1800 5858 66 / (024) 3514 9094
Western Union Money Transfer
Western Union Money Transfer
Western Union money transfer is an international money transfer service, through which a transfer can be processed successfully in just a few minutes. Receivers can get money at all Western Union agents.

With over many years of experience in the remittance business and 550,000 agents in 200 countries and territories, Western Union is a fast, reliable, worldwide remittance service.
  • Simple: Customers with or without GPBank accounts can use GPBank’s Western Union Money Transfer service.
  • Reliable: Transfers are made safely through a global computer system with high security, ensuring that the customers’ funds are paid quickly and fully to the right recipients.
  • Fast: The Western Union uses state-of-the-art information technology through a global computer system to make quick payments in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Convenience: Western Union points of transaction are conveniently located everywhere such as Banks, Post Offices, Pharmacies, Tourist Offices, Supermarkets, etc. and most of them are available in convenient hours and at weekends.
Western Union Money Receipt 
  • You present your photo identification papers (ID cards or Passports) to any GPBank point of transaction to receive money.
  • You fill in the necessary information from the Remitter (remitter’s name, recipient, amount, MTCN Code, etc.), into the “Receipt”. You may have to respond to other test questions up on the remitter’s request.
  • The officer at the point of transaction will check the funds on the system, and then check the information provided by the recipient. If all information is consistent, the payment will be made
  • In Vietnam, you now can only receive the money in USD or VND.
  • The recipient does not pay any charge for withdrawal via the Western Union system at GPBank.
Western Union Express Money Transfer

GP.Bank is pleased to serve customers with the need to transfer money abroad for the following purposes:
  • Expenses for study or medical treatment for themselves or their relatives;
  • Business trips, traveling, and visits abroad;
  • Return of fees to foreign countries;
  • Allowances for relatives living abroad;
  • Transfer of inheritance to beneficiaries abroad;
  • Abroad immigration;
  • One-way money transfers for other legitimate needs.
  • When making the transfer, please bring all documents proving the transfer purpose (original or true certified copy) and fill in the necessary information in the foreign currency remittance form of GPBank.
  • The officer at GPBank point of transaction that provides the Western Union money transfer service will provide you with the necessary information for the money transfer and receipt.
  • The currency of remittance is USD.
  • Charges are subject to Western Union regulations.
  • GPBank Branches/transaction offices
  • Trade Finance Head Office, GPBank
    3rd Floor, 46A Tang Bat Ho - Hai Ba Trung - Ha Noi
Tel: 024 3633 1378 (Ext: 3636, 3631)
Hotline: 1800 5858 66 / (024) 3514 9094
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